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Regardless of MTHFR or not, the recommendations for diet, lifestyle and environment need to be considered by all!

Now – the supplement recommendations need to be tailored to the individual – again – regardless of which genetic variants you have.

If you begin to feel heavy, tired, dry mouth, irritable, ‘toxic’, or otherwise ‘not right’, then something in your protocol needs to change.This is why it is critical that you are tolerating and taking probiotics, krill oil, turmeric along with improving your diet and lifestyle first.PART IIMethylfolate Recommendations for those homozygous for the C677T MTHFR Mutation: Once you have determined you respond well to the probiotics, krill oil, turmeric and vitamin E, then you may proceed to slowly adding the following.Compare the drugs used for MTHFR mutations here Prenatal Recommendations for MTHFR C677T Mutation A quality prenatal for those with this defect requires methylfolate, folinic acid and no folic acid. There are quality prenatals out there but many have only folinic acid which is not effective for those with C677T mutations.Methylfolate is needed to bypass the MTHFR mutation and folinic acid is needed in case there is any MTR/MTRR inhibition for any reason – along with other folate snps beyond MTHFR.

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