Top ten intimidating dogs

This has in turn led to a demand in the US and Canada for imported dogs from European breeders.

Two different color genes exist in the Dobermann, one for black (B) and one for color dilution (D).

Dobermanns are well known as intelligent, alert and tenaciously loyal companions and guard dogs.

Personality varies a great deal between each individual, but if taken care of and trained properly they tend to be loving and devoted companions.

World Breed standards are published by the FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE or FCI (World Canine Organisation) on the advice of the IDC (International Dobermann Club) which is the Dobermann breeds governing council and has 36 countries in its member list.

To become a world champion, dogs are judged to FCI standards.

There are nine possible combinations of these alleles (BBDD, BBDd, Bb DD, Bb Dd, BBdd, Bbdd, bb DD, bb Dd, bbdd), which result in four different color phenotypes: black, blue, red and fawn (a.k.a. The traditional and most common color occurs when both the color and dilution genes have at least one dominant allele (i.e., BBDD, BBDd, Bb DD or Bb Dd), and is commonly referred to as black or black and rust (also called black and tan).

The red, red rust or brown coloration occurs when the black gene has two recessive alleles but the dilution gene has at least one dominant allele (i.e., bb DD, bb Dd).

If you prefer, you can make your form double opt-in at anytime.The Dobermann is driven, strong and sometimes stubborn.Owning one requires commitment and care, but if trained well, they can be wonderful family dogs.Although this is consistent with albinism, the proper characterization of the mutation is currently unknown.The animals are commonly known as tyrosinase-positive albinoids, lacking melanin in oculocutaneous structures.

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