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I don't know how other campuses are but the dean, president, whoever else they have here was horrible. If you live in Atlanta Ga do not wasted your money or time.

I am a doctoral candidate in the College of Business at Argosy Online.

Until I have a conferred degree on my transcript and and one in my hand along with the degree - I will not rest easy.

I was able to attend this University as an employee benefit when I worked for an EDMC school, that is why I took advantage of it - but could I recommend this school to others...................

I failed two classes because I couldn't get help online they kicked me out and said my time was up. When I tried to reapply they had the nerve to tell me they would start me all over in their MBA program but won't allow me to finish what I originally enroll for. They put so much fear in me but I'm overcoming it and I'm about to get back in grad school and graduate with my masters in management.

Argosy killed my dreams for 3 years, made my life a living hell and will never recommend anyone to step a foot on their campus in Atlanta GA.

I could not due to their lack of transparency and serious lack of a student centered focus.

You have to fight the entire time through this program to hold THEM accountable for what THEY are supposed to be doing to assist YOU in graduating from the program.

The blocks currently are 15 week, but they have changed them to 7.5 week blocks now - and that is going to be a disaster for students, because feedback is not timely in any area.

The IRB process cost students many unnecessary weeks, and I believe it is on purpose to force students into extension courses that cost ,000 each.

It is an absolute nightmare of lies, disorganization and lack of responsibility on the part of Argosy.

I am currently writing chapter 4 and 5 and hope to final defend in December 2016.

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