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Generally, if the teen feels important and it is clear that the therapist does not have an ulterior motive for meeting with him or her (I am going to “fix” you), it will be helpful and well-received.

Remember, teens cannot be forced to get into a car and go to therapy.

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Their friends, their dreams and goals, their feelings, and their frustrations are the favorite topics for discussion. They do not feel comfortable with open-ended questions or nebulous hypotheticals (“What do you think about that”?

) Teens do well with specific directives where they are able to complete a given task and then discuss it. They are at a sensitive age where their self-esteem and confidence is developing or sometimes non-existent.

What does that mean for a parent trying to find a good-fit therapist for their teenager?

I work with teenagers up to age 16 at my office and have noticed some interesting trends in their needs and wants. If given the right environment and a trustworthy recipient, teens enjoy discussing their lives.

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