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If you put the effort in to do this, you are likely to have a successful relationship.

Hello, i am atractted to my friend he is a mental cancer snake, and i am a water horse sagittarius we have a lot of sex and passion but he wont go firts i dont know what to do to attracted him to me has anyone tips or tricks?

He is horse of Earth, as timid and quiet as me (Snake of wood ) we don`t need a lot of words to feel good, it`s all said in the (deep) look of his eyes. We aren`t the perfect duo at all, but i never had such a tenderful person at my side, so understanding, so able to fulfill my heart with his wise simplicity I am in a relationship with a wood snake and I am a wood horse, the relationship is very passionate, but he does not trust me and is very jealous of me and anything I do, I am with him all the time. This match seems like it can work - Horse are attracted to Snakes, and the Snake man makes us feel feminine, but this relationship is not ideal. t even question passion and take their own feelings too seriously! I've seen a lot of Horse/Snake relationships end badly! Horses are good mates to Snakes in the beginning of the relationship but the Horse ' WILL' lose interest at some point.

Not to be bad partners, we know how we do, we need time to refresh, work, socialized, chat, tell off the world, etc. Because of the Snakes slow, smothering, and fickle nature, Horse will be disappointed!

People born under the sign of the Horse are wild like the mustang.

They have endless energy for life, and they gallop along wherever the wind takes them.

It seems like what I read about the snake applies more to me and the information on the horse is a lot more like him! It's like I'm the snake and he's the horse as far as this info goes and along with other sites I've been checking. The current description about snake and horse is brilliant and truthful .

I don't gossip as it is a pet peeve, at least not maliciously, most times I'm just curious to know or if the information will help develop my character creation as I am a writer.

Once they find the love of their lives, they will be truly committed, but they make mistakes along the way and sometimes break hearts. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and will let you know what's going on.

Since you are suspicious, one false step on your lover's part can derail a budding relationship, but Horses are not liars and do not hide things from you.

It is difficult for you to trust another, and you need an impeccably honest lover.

You are jealous, and will not stand for lies, games, or betrayals.

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