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They compared findings from a questionnaire on sexual habits, completed by 585 American and British volunteers, with their “2D:4D” ratio (again, that's the ratio between the lengths of their index and ring fingers).They found 53 percent of women and 43 percent of men are more inclined to be faithful, while 57 percent of men and 47 percent of women are more inclined to cheat, reports.Desire To Have More Kids Men with smaller digit ratios are also incliend to have more children, the Mc Gill researchers found."Our research suggests they have more harmonious relationships with women; these behaviors support the formation and maintenance of relationships with women," says Debbie Moskowitz, lead author and Professor of Psychology at Mc Gill.If your brain can concentrate when you read one thing, you can concentrate in other areas as well.If you were able to cope well with a specific difficult person or difficult situation, it means that the inner resources that enabled you to do so are stored in your brain and your brain can access them with other people and situations.Yet how did this contribute to Rebbe Yehoshua's greatness?

And this wasn't just with women they were sexuallly involved with; they were nicer toward female friends and colleagues, too. Is your index finger shorter than your ring finger?This specific digit ratio—known as 2D:4D (defined as the second digit length divided by the fourth digit length, or your ring finger length divided by your index finger length)—indicates the amount of testosterone you were exposed to as a fetus.It’s about having a commitment to the values that have driven the Jewish people for all these millennia: the recognition that God runs the world; that we each have a soul that needs to be nurtured even more than our physical body; and that we have a responsibility to make the world a better place.I believe that this, more than anything, is the secret to Jewish success.

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